Friday, May 14, 2010

Le CeltiSode 2010 C'est Un Fait Accompli!

At last, the Celtic (formerly the St. Patrick's Day) episode for 2010 is FINISHED!!! ^_^ The show is up & ready, and the links are all set to go! If you have the chance, go on over & take a listen! :D

There are a number of pieces which I'd love to play on the show if I could. So for fun (& future plans ;)) I thought I'd list some of them here:

- - -
Enya - Boadicea (In addition to about 90% of her work.)
Anything by Clannad
Everything from "The Secret of Roan Inish" Soundtrack
Many tracks from "Waking Ned Divine"
Maire Brennan - Peacemaker
Manau - La Tribu de Dana
Dead Can Dance - Fields of Barley
Karen Matheson - An Fhideag Airgid (Though it's Scottish, this holiday's about celebrating all Celtic culture to me, not just one particular strain.)
-and Many, Many More!
- - -

Want more St. Pat's inspired tune-age? Check out my station on!
(And listen to Eclectica's previous eps for a great mix of other types of music-
including more Celtic-inspired & derived goodness!!)

Yours Always in Song,
DJ Selchie

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