Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Plans for the Future

As Eclectica's kind of dead (or, at least for the moment), I thought I'd make this place especially for my singing & vocal careers. Here's where I'll place all my YouTube vocal videos, and where you'll find links to new pieces where I appear in voiceover roles. :)

I've a lot going on w/Halloween quickly approaching, but as soon as I get another video up, record another voice or voiceover track, or have another audio drama featuring yours truly air, I'll let you know! :D

Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground where I'm concerned, and have a great day, night week, month, Hallowe'en and so on. ;D

Yours Always in Song,
DJ Selchie

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eclectica to be Henceforth on Hiatus

Due to lack of active listenership (aside from my dearest friends & family, who've supported me all the way; and to whom I'm tremendously grateful), Eclectica has been put on the proverbial back-burner. The time & involvement each episode requires in direct comparison to the receipt & exposure the show seems to be getting is grossly disproportionate, so the Selchie is gonna take a little break for a while. (In part, to gather better resources for a potential re-release of the show; but also to focus on other things; re-prioritize, pursue other avenues of creativity, and recoop from a variety of situations.)

However, if you do listen and would still like the show to continue, please let me hear from you. :) Folks can still reach me via, & I will still be looking for music off and on, with the hope of getting Eclectica back into production at some point.
But for now (and perhaps indefinitely), this little waterling needs to delve into her wee bag of tricks, and see if she can't come out with something even better for a potential next time.

Thanks to those of you who showed me-and the podcast-your limitless devotion, boundless enthusiasm and unending support. Mehopes that if the show is to reincarnate, that it returns bigger, better, brighter, (more regularly), and is even more meaningful than its previous incarnations. ;)

Yours Forever in Song,
DJ Selchie

Friday, May 14, 2010

Le CeltiSode 2010 C'est Un Fait Accompli!

At last, the Celtic (formerly the St. Patrick's Day) episode for 2010 is FINISHED!!! ^_^ The show is up & ready, and the links are all set to go! If you have the chance, go on over & take a listen! :D

There are a number of pieces which I'd love to play on the show if I could. So for fun (& future plans ;)) I thought I'd list some of them here:

- - -
Enya - Boadicea (In addition to about 90% of her work.)
Anything by Clannad
Everything from "The Secret of Roan Inish" Soundtrack
Many tracks from "Waking Ned Divine"
Maire Brennan - Peacemaker
Manau - La Tribu de Dana
Dead Can Dance - Fields of Barley
Karen Matheson - An Fhideag Airgid (Though it's Scottish, this holiday's about celebrating all Celtic culture to me, not just one particular strain.)
-and Many, Many More!
- - -

Want more St. Pat's inspired tune-age? Check out my station on!
(And listen to Eclectica's previous eps for a great mix of other types of music-
including more Celtic-inspired & derived goodness!!)

Yours Always in Song,
DJ Selchie

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Recently Eclectica got a new episode, spontaneously inspired by the arrival of Mother's Day. Well as there was a pretty decent amount of data on the actual show-posting, I thought I'd share a few things here with you, that I might not get the opportunity to over on Eclectica's main page.

If I could play anything on the topic of mothers, (podsafe or no):
  • My #1 choice would be Disney's "Baby Mine," from the "Dumbo" soundtrack. For those of us who've felt like outcasts at one time or another in our lives, this song typifies the ideal of motherly love, maternal protection, gentle solace, and unwaivering, omni-present acceptance. This tune almost always makes me bust up crying and sticks a wrench right into my heart, And no one (imho) can ever do it better than they did in the original animated movie recording.
  • Next would be Shawn Colvin's "Seal Lullaby." Who ever thought that a selchie would be attached to songs about seals??? ;) This is an emotionally rich tune w/its gorgeous, evocative lyrics, & evokes much of the same feelings as the Disney song does. But as my first phrase probably gave you a hint at, this piece depicts the languid image of seals being rocked to sleep by Mother Ocean. When I first heard this song, I had to have it. Given the holiday, this song would be -perfect- for today. :)
  • Thirdly, Tracy Bonham's "Mother Mother" would have to step in. Let's face it, no relationship with anyone is Perfect. And sometimes even relationships with the people we love the most can.. rub us the wrong way. So to express the less-than-perfect aspects of many mother & child relationships, this song would be quite appropriate for Mother's Day. ;)
  • After that would come Gypsy, with "Heaven's Gift." This is a song from a mom to her child- one that will certainly put a lump in your throat, if not bring a tear (or two) to your eye. What kid doesn't want to be the apple of a parent's eye? And what parent doesn't wish they could express just what feelings lay in their hearts for their beloved children? Well this song expresses exactly these.
  • Then there would be Kathy Kallik, with "Use a Napkin (NOT Your MOM!)" I heard a portion of this briefly last year during this time and (unfortunately) lost track of it. Well having heard this again on the morning of Mother's Day this year, I was determined to track it down. It's just too funny to ignore, and illustratively choice. ^_^
  • Fnally (for this set, anyway) I'd add to these rankings Christine Lavin's "Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best." This made me laugh and groan and think of my mom all at the same time. :) This was my first exposure to Christine's work (that I'm aware of), and you can be sure that because of these last two selections (which I heard on SideTracks, coming out of WV today), I'll be looking into other works of theirs henceforth! Plus, my mom just went to a Christine Lavin show & got pulled up on stage! So I think it's an omen. ;)
There are a lot of other beautiful lullabies and touching mother-related songs I'd choose (like "In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride, "I Turn to You" by Christina Aguilera, "You Raise me Up" by Josh Groban, "Wind Beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler, that "Butterfly Kisses" song whose singer I can't recall the name of right now, and Celine Dion's "Because You Loved Me." But these are mostly pretty well-known songs, and I'd like to speak the words of my heart with songs that cut straight to the quick of my meaning, which these do. Plus, I prefer using music that hasn't been splathered all over pop culture yet. (Both to help boost popularity for the musicians who created them, and because they haven't become trite or overly used.)

I hope you enjoyed the selections I played for you over on Eclectica, and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions you may have. Oh! And you can also find the show on iTunes and Facebook, just by searching for "Eclectica, Diversity Audified."

Thanks everyone, and happy Mother's Day!

Yours Forever in Song,
DJ Selchie

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holy Crap! Eclectica is BACK!!! ^_^

Well, if you haven't already guessed, I imagine you've picked up on the fact that I haven't been able to put out a podcast in a while.

To those of you who have been waiting for such, I humbly apologize.

Up until recently I have been in the midst of a rather traumatic move, not knowing where I was going to be for a bit, and in fact living in a wee hotel room, unsure of pretty much.. everything. But good news! Today's a new day, and I am (very gratefully) landed in a wonderful place with a bunch of amazing people around me. ^_^ Therefore, I am extremely happy to be able to announce to you, that


All I can say is; if you like Mid. Eastern &/or bellydance music, -you are going to want to listen to Eclectica's next episode!- :D:D (I'm not gonna spoil it all by spilling the beans here, but srsly- trust me! ^_^)

I'm in the process of getting the CDs I need to snag the songs pertinent for E's next (come-back) episode, and as soon as I do, this thing will be ON!! ^_^ Plus I have a lot of -really, really- great names where our next ep's lineup is concerned- (and who want to hear the show when it's all up and published! *squee!*) So keep your ears peeled (ew- I mean, figuratively, please!), do a little bit of imagining, take a guess or two, and if you or anyone you know likes Middle Eastern or belly-danceable, awesome tunes, come and check on in for the next episode of Eclectica! :D:D

Thanks for listening, as well as for your patience.
Love to All,
DJ Selchie

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Contemplating the Next Eclectica

So what kind of show would all of you listeners out there like to hear from me & Eclectica next? What can I improve? What's been under-covered or over-done? Is there a theme or a style of music you'd like to hear? Is there something you'd like me to focus more or less on? Twahk ta me, twahk ta me! ;D

I've been pondering a few different themes for upcoming shows, n' I'd really love to get some feedback. :) How about a show all about featuring exclusively up-tempo, up-beat, Dance/Techno/Rave/Trance/House and/or EBM music? Or perchance something darker or heavier in style? I know I've got a few friends who really dig harder rock, and I've been looking about n' finding a few pieces that would really fit that Metallica-inspired, Grunge &/or Punk rock theme. ^_^

How about Spring-themed music? Something a little Pagan, w/talk of spring holidays, satyrs & Wiccan, old Celtic, Nature & seasonal inspirations, beliefs and practices? What about a show focused entirely on mythological or Fantasy creatures; like faeries, dragons, merfolk, etc.? (I could probably do a whole show each on the fae in one ep. and merfolk in another... ;D)

So what do you think? So many inspirations, so many potential directions to go! :D:D

Hope to hear from you all soon! (On either this web site, Eclectica's MySpace page, my Twitter feed, or at Eclectica's home page; ^_^

Thanks and Love to all of You,
The Waterling

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hail and Welcome!!!

Welcome all! This is the blogging home of miss DJ Selchie- the Siren of Song, the Lady of the Lyrics, the Naiad of New Music and the Undine of Audio Undulation!

-Okay, well.. maybe not all that, but this is the place where you'll find music spun by the girl who's responsible for "Eclectica - Diversity Audified: The most unique podcast on the web." ;D

Yep, I'm the sole creatrix behind a ton of multi-faceted music madness. This page has stemmed from the realization that my podcast's e-mail address ( was not cuttin' it; so I got a Gmail account to simplify things, & this came w/that. :) Instead of just letting this resource go unused however, I've decided to make something of it, which I hope will help my listeners, as well as spread the word around about Eclectica & faciliate camaraderie between fwllow music-lovers like myself. :)

Below you'll find an assortment of the music I play on, as well as news, updates and other matters concerning my new, wee little podcast. I'm hoping this page will also enable me to better search through & broadcast the music I play on Blip, as well as give listeners of my podcast a place to learn a little bit more about me, if they'd like. :) (Especially if they're eager to know what kinds of music I'd play on the podcast if I had my complete, unlimited & ultimate druthers. :)) So please, sit a spell, look around, & no doubt you'll see all kind of wonderful, cool & crazy things. ^_^ (Such as updates I've made on Twitter concerning Eclectica, all kinds of neat & funky music I spin on (and yes, I do mean -all- kinds), as well as various random bits of music-centric news n' tidbits regarding my 'cast- in addition to worldly, local, or otherwise musical goingson in general. :)

Now, "what's all this stuff about ''" you ask? Well, I play a lot of stuff I'd -like- to play on my podcast there. (But may not due to copyrights, artist reachability for inquiry about such & song permission, etc..) It's pretty hard to reach Madonna and the other heavy hitters for permission to play their stuff on my tiny, single-Selchie, non-profit podcast that's just starting out.. ya know? But never fear! I have asked some of the bigger fishies in the pond for the right to play some of their work, and things have gone really well in that right! Plus, as the 'cast grows larger and gains more listeners, I'm sure it'll be easier to say "hey, I run Eclectica" to those big names n' actually hear them say "oh, really? I know that one!" ;D

So for now (and ever-forward- Heaven willing), I would hereby like to formally invite you to listen to both music resources- as you'll likely find a very different range of music from one media stream to the other. :) On my podcast I'll feature predominantly independant, pod-safe musicians who're seeking to raise awareness about their music through podcasts like mine. Also, you'll hear varous musicians who've kindly consented to let me play their music on my show; even if I didn't find them on great pod-safe places like the Podcast Music Network, Ioda PromoNet or Magnatunes.

Well, enough rambling from me! I hope you like what you hear, and as always, please feel free to contact me at your leisure w/suggestions, ideas, commentary or creative input on what I play at or Eclectica.

Thanks for visiting, and as they said once in "olden times;"

Hail, n' Welcome!!!

DJ Selchie's Channel on Blip.FM (Or "What I'd Play on Eclectica, If I Had the Rights..." ;D)

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