Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hail and Welcome!!!

Welcome all! This is the blogging home of miss DJ Selchie- the Siren of Song, the Lady of the Lyrics, the Naiad of New Music and the Undine of Audio Undulation!

-Okay, well.. maybe not all that, but this is the place where you'll find music spun by the girl who's responsible for "Eclectica - Diversity Audified: The most unique podcast on the web." ;D

Yep, I'm the sole creatrix behind a ton of multi-faceted music madness. This page has stemmed from the realization that my podcast's e-mail address (wytherwiere@hotmail.com) was not cuttin' it; so I got a Gmail account to simplify things, & this came w/that. :) Instead of just letting this resource go unused however, I've decided to make something of it, which I hope will help my listeners, as well as spread the word around about Eclectica & faciliate camaraderie between fwllow music-lovers like myself. :)

Below you'll find an assortment of the music I play on Blip.fm, as well as news, updates and other matters concerning my new, wee little podcast. I'm hoping this page will also enable me to better search through & broadcast the music I play on Blip, as well as give listeners of my podcast a place to learn a little bit more about me, if they'd like. :) (Especially if they're eager to know what kinds of music I'd play on the podcast if I had my complete, unlimited & ultimate druthers. :)) So please, sit a spell, look around, & no doubt you'll see all kind of wonderful, cool & crazy things. ^_^ (Such as updates I've made on Twitter concerning Eclectica, all kinds of neat & funky music I spin on Blip.fm (and yes, I do mean -all- kinds), as well as various random bits of music-centric news n' tidbits regarding my 'cast- in addition to worldly, local, or otherwise musical goingson in general. :)

Now, "what's all this stuff about 'Blip.fm?'" you ask? Well, I play a lot of stuff I'd -like- to play on my podcast there. (But may not due to copyrights, artist reachability for inquiry about such & song permission, etc..) It's pretty hard to reach Madonna and the other heavy hitters for permission to play their stuff on my tiny, single-Selchie, non-profit podcast that's just starting out.. ya know? But never fear! I have asked some of the bigger fishies in the pond for the right to play some of their work, and things have gone really well in that right! Plus, as the 'cast grows larger and gains more listeners, I'm sure it'll be easier to say "hey, I run Eclectica" to those big names n' actually hear them say "oh, really? I know that one!" ;D

So for now (and ever-forward- Heaven willing), I would hereby like to formally invite you to listen to both music resources- as you'll likely find a very different range of music from one media stream to the other. :) On my podcast I'll feature predominantly independant, pod-safe musicians who're seeking to raise awareness about their music through podcasts like mine. Also, you'll hear varous musicians who've kindly consented to let me play their music on my show; even if I didn't find them on great pod-safe places like the Podcast Music Network, Ioda PromoNet or Magnatunes.

Well, enough rambling from me! I hope you like what you hear, and as always, please feel free to contact me at your leisure w/suggestions, ideas, commentary or creative input on what I play at Blip.fm or Eclectica.

Thanks for visiting, and as they said once in "olden times;"

Hail, n' Welcome!!!

DJ Selchie's Channel on Blip.FM (Or "What I'd Play on Eclectica, If I Had the Rights..." ;D)

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